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Thank you for your interest in volunteering. 
Read this page in full to understand the requirements to be considered for a volunteer role with Tunkhannock Little League. 

Links to All Required Forms are in the "Details" Section Below
Email for volunteer process questions or to send paperwork: [email protected]

Who Needs to Provide Volunteer Paperwork and How is it Approved:
- The requirement outlined below are set by Little League International Requirements and Pennsylvania State Regulations.  As a local little league in Pennsylvania, we must abide by each.
Volunteer requirements described here apply to anyone who wishes to be a manager, coach, practice helper, dugout helper, or any other role which we determine to be responsible for children and/or in repetitive direct contact with children. Board members are also required to meet these requirements prior to being an approved member of the board. 
 These requirements are NOT needed to merely take your turns at field maintenance and occasional concession stand coverage.  
- Per Little League rules, volunteer approval is up to the the Officers and Board of the Tunkhannock Little League or a committee of that Board designated by the Board to review volunteer material.   
- Per Little League rules, a volunteer may be approved or denied for any reason considered relevant whether it is from a background check or other concerns. Approved volunteer status does not carry-over year to year.

What Requirements Have to be Met - Quick Summary:
To be an approved volunteer for Tunkhannock Little League you must provide us your information and clearances to complete two separate sets of requirements:

    A. Little League's Child Protection Policy requirements: Volunteer Application and Background Check
 - Applicant must complete Little League Volunteer Application / background check consent.
             - A Little League Volunteer Application must be completed each year

             - A background check will be run by our league via the Little League vendor using your information

     B. Pennsylvania state regulations: PA State Police, Child Abuse, and Federal Clearances
            - Applicant must provide copies of clearances required for state regulations (more info below)
            - You can provide copies of the required clearances which you obtained for other activities
            - These PA Clearances are good for 5 years from issue date; you do not have to provide them each year once we have a copy on file.
            - If they are expiring (reaching the 5 year mark) this year, updated clearances must be provided.

Step by Step Detail and Links for Part A & B:

Here are the procedures and links to forms and clearances you will need to request consideration for approval as a Tunkhannock Little League Volunteer:

Must be completed by ALL volunteers EACH YEAR, new or returning:

1. Little League Volunteer Application  

LINK:  https://www.littleleague.org/downloads/volunteer-application/

A Little League Volunteer Application must be completed and submitted each year.  Social Security number and Date of Birth are required to be able to process the background check.



1. PA State Police Criminal Background Check

LINK:  https://epatch.state.pa.us/Home.jsp

Make sure to begin by clicking the VOLUNTEERS ONLY Record Check box so you do not have to pay.  Print out the certificate that shows your name and result as well as any information on convictions provided and provide that to Tunkhannock Little League in hard copy or PDF file.

2. PA Child Welfare Portal Child Abuse Check

LINK:  https://www.compass.state.pa.us/cwis/public/home

Begin by creating an Individual Login if you do not already have one.  Be sure to write down your user name and password as you will need to log back in to retrieve your clearance once it is completed (much quicker than waiting for a hard copy to be mailed).  When you request a clearance, be sure to indicate it is for volunteer purposes so there is no charge.  When you receive your clearance, you must provide a copy to Tunkhannock Little League either as hard copy or PDF file.

3, Federal Background Check via Fingerprint Submission
Signed Affadavit that you are Exempt from that Check

LINK to affadavit to claim exemption from federal fingerprinting check: 
affadavit to waive fingerprinting requirement only.pdf

OR LINK to schedule Fingerprinting if you cannot claim the exemption: 

To request exemption from the fingerprinting requirement, you must sign the affidavit to confirm that you have been a Pennsylvania resident for all of the past 10 years and have not been convicted of any of the offenses noted on the list.  Please note all the other volunteer requirements (Little League Application and PA Clearances) must still be completed.

If you cannot claim excemption and you need to go through the federal check, then you will need to schedule an appointment at an IdentoGO location.  Begin at this link and use  Service Code 1KG6ZJ where requested.  Then you will need to schedule an appointment to provide fingerprints.  The registration process will allow you to select a location -- the closest current IdentoGO locations are Clarks Summit, Kingston, and Montrose.  There is a fee charged by IdentoGO.  You will receive notice of your result in email - please print it out and provide it with your other clearances. 

Volunteer Applications and Clearances can be turned at our registration tables during our regular registration period or they may be mailed to:  Tunkhannock Little League, POB 207, Tunkhannock PA 18657 or may be sent in PDF form to [email protected]

What Happens After My Application is Turned In?

Each of these requirements must be met in full, processed, and results reviewed and approved by the security committee before you take any of the roles indicated above.  Please allow 10 days for processing.

Merely submitting material does not mean you can immediately assume a role - your material, including the separate Little League background check, must be entered, processed, reviewed, and approved before you can take any of those roles listed. 

During the pre-season and season we will regularly update the approved volunteer list and send that to all team managers.  If you are not approved for any reason, we will communicate that to you directly and privately.   To be approved with the initial batch of spring volunteers, the Compliance Officer must receive your material via league PO Box (see below) or in person no later than March 15th.

Email for volunteer process questions or to send paperwork:  [email protected]

Thank you for your interest in Volunteering!

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